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Bristol press coverage

Posted: November 26, 2009 by 4bshive in Press
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  • Bristol takes sustainable living message onto international stage
  • People from Romania, Germany and Hungary will be visiting Knowle West Media Centre next week as part of an international project exploring ‘green mapping’ and exchanging ideas on sustainable living. The centre in Leinster Avenue has been working with GreenBristol, local residents and people in Bistrita – in Romania – and capitals Berlin and Budapest on the 4BsHive project. Each of the four cities is developing an online green map, which highlights environmental resources as well as places of interest. The project aims to encourage people to live in a more ‘green’ way, learn new skills and expand their understanding of sustainability and other cultures. Between October 22 and 25, 17 visitors from Romania, Hungary and Germany will enjoy a varied programme of activities that will take them across the city and showcase the environmental measures already in place. They will see how environmental action has affected the Knowle West community, and how they have contributed to it. From 10am until 4.30pm on Friday, October 23, KWMC will be hosting free drop-in sessions, where people can receive computer training.
  • Published in the Bristol Evening Post on 19/10/09

Introduction to the project

Posted: November 26, 2009 by 4bshive in Project
This is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project will set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and between these four European partners. This will involve the creation of online and possibly paper maps charting local resources for more sustainable living. These thematic maps will use the internationally standardized Green Map System (GMS) of icons.
Participants will have the opportunity to gain new ICT skills and learn more about sustainability issues locally and internationally. They will exchange experiences and learn about other European communities on Study Visits. This will be achieved through a participatory process that is creative, enjoyable and enhances confidence. The process may include storytelling, photography and film-making through group and public events.

Outputs and Products will include a Study Visit to each Partner, a shared website, four local green maps, documentary film (online/DVD) and a European Green Mapping Guide. Target Groups will include those from disadvantaged and under-represented sectors including older people and those without basic qualifications.

Bristol welcomed participants from all three partner cities to the first Study Visit in Bristol in October 2009. They are working with Knowle West Media Centre as a local partner in this project.