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In late October 2009 seventeen participants from Germany, Hungary and Romania came to Knowle West for four days of activities around green mapping with local people. An intense, enjoyable and productive time was had by all. Both this and the Partner’s meeting in Berlin in September were filmed by Bjela Proßowsky from the Berlin team. As soon as they are available we’ll post the videos up here.

Outside Knowle West Media Centre - taken by Jan Catterall - a Bristol participant.

Monica, Alin and Doris from Bistrita, Romania (Jan Catterall)

At the workshop on Friday afternoon.

Interviewing each other (Carsten from Berlin)

Nardia (Bristol) interviewing Orsy and Judit (Budapest) with Pit (Berlin) monitoring sound for a professional (!) level recording. Orsy and Judit were giving their impressions of the area compared with Budapest.

Sylvia, Nardia and Becca (Bristol)

Taken by Jan Catterall during Saturday’s visit to the Climate Countdown event at the Harbourside.

Feeding the goats at the farm (Jan Catterall)

At Lawrence Weston Community Farm on the way to see the bee hives and honey collecting operation. (Jan Catterall)

Becca, Jan, Judit, Suszan, Judit, Sylvia, Gergo and Gabriella (Steve Parry)

Visiting the 100 DAYS exhibition at Arnolfini art gallery. In the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Arnolfini staged an exhibition of work around issues of climate change, social justice and the relationship between art and activism.