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Budapest Inventions

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Here’s the movie shown in the workshop today: Budapest Inventions

Steve Parry

Nandia’s first post

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Hello World!!!


Taken by Pit in October 2009 in Knowle West during the first Study Visit.

Feedback from the Bristol Visit

Below are extracts from the Evaluation forms received so far – still awaiting Budapest’s.


Pit van de Loo: Bee keeping: The Bees and the smoke interaction. They think the hive is on fire, eat as much as they can because they think they have to leave soon. They get lazy lying on the couch and the bee master gets the honey easily.

Party: Bristol people like to sing.

Clemens: Walks: The walk down to the city was so sparkling! Nice to be in contact with the real people of Knowle West! These deeply committed people made every effort!

Films: Vivid and direct link to KWMC neighbourhood people’s life. Team FAB is my personal favourite – many greetings & godspeed to them!

Saturday: Most exciting was the visit to Weston-super-Mare (beach). Many thanks to Ivor that he accompanied us to this lovely place. Indian dinner was good – the many funny Bristol people in their costumes too 😉

Why did nobody tell us that ‘Tricky’ is a Knowle West boy!

Bjela Prossowsky: Presentations: I liked the photos that people brought from their country, because it is a good way to get to know people and what they think about their surrounding. A little bit too much sitting and presentations, more action with walking and exploring would be great!

Editing/uploading: I had the feeling that the data I produced (film) was not much of use. I don’t know what happened with it and this seems to me a waste.

Saturday: I wish to have more ‘Free Time’ to get to know the people and the countries maybe in small groups for the next visit!

Party: I enjoyed talking to the people in a more private surrounding; the best way to get to know each other!

Bistrita, Romanians:

Corina Ernst: Icebreaker session: opening the communication among participants is easily done with games and funny exercises.

Media editing/uploading: importance of work for a team – each is skilful at something and it may be possible to learn one from another.

Party: Romanian products such as cheese or zacusca were welcome and enjoyed.

Doris Ernst: Walks: I was in the group that visited The Park local opportunity centre and I was impressed by the work of young people led by Mil.

Gabriel Popescu: Local projects: I liked the fact that children get involved in projects such as biodegradable bags!

Ciprian Samoila: The ice-breaker helped me considerably integrating my team in the group of people that came from so different countries. The ice-breaker should not miss from any such meetings. It‚was so helpful.

Guided walk: Some local women nicely asked with smile on their faces to be part of a photo group of me and a colleague; that was so nice of them.

Media training/walks: One KWMC field coordinator kindly explained me and my group the way we operate the sound recording equipment,  led us in the field and supervised each team. The coordinator insured that each team member had the opportunity to use the equipment and become an interviewer in the community. That was such fun!

Party: Got me closer to the participants, both local and foreign. We had an idea to bring some local food to the party as a teaser for the upcoming meeting in Bistrita.

Alexandra Belegan: Tour of KWMC:  It was also interesting to see that they grow vegetables in the garden, they have a furnace outside, and they use biomass for heating and rainwater for toilets.

Media training: I learned how to operate the audio recording system, handle the microphone, interview different people; from one community centre and one from a library.

Walks: I could see large cathedrals, museums and an old university building with a huge tower. The urban park surprised me when I saw a fox passing by, and I was not expecting it there.


John Stinchcombe: Saturday input to map: I learned how to talk to people/communication skills.

Susan Dalton: Saturday input to map: It was my first time seeing it – helped you know where everything is.

Becky Thompson: Walks: I enjoyed taking people around and was able to tell them what goes on in the area.

Editing/uploading: I learned how to edit sound and cut to paste onto the green map.

Talk ‘Walking to Jerusalem’: Enjoyed listening to David’s journey and his trumpet playing is really good.

Jan Catterall: Overall it was great fun, great to meet everyone and share knowledge. The best times were shared over the food.