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Open Green Map Mobile Version launched!

Posted: May 27, 2010 by horger in Green Maps, Press

Today Wendy Brawer, founding director of Green Map System, has launched the mobile version of Open Green Map in Budapest, as a guest of the 4Bs’Hive project. Have a look at her presentation >>>

It is only a few days left and we begin our Budapest challange. Here is the agenda in its 99% ready state. Some information is still incomplete. However, ready, steady….

Day 0 – 26 May (Thursday)
evening 20.30 Getting together – dinner and socializing
Venue [B]

Darshan, H-1088 Budapest, Krúdy Gyula utca 7.

Day 1 – 27 May (Thursday)
morning 9.00-13.00 Green mapping workshop I.

  • orientation and introduction
  • Green Mapping presentation by Wendy Brawer (Green Map Systems, New York)
  • introduction to the Budapest Green Map (Gergő Horváth, TVE)
  • training in data collection methodologies and practices (László Tatai, PPKE IK)
  • project tools (Steve Perry, Green Bristol and Ciprian Samolia, Associatia Ascendent)

Venue: [C]

Hallgatói Információs Központ (HIK) (H-1088 Budapest, Reviczky utca 6.)

afternoon 13.30 Alternative sight seeing

a) Socio-cultural walking tour

Meeting point: [1]

On the outside stairs of the Hungarian National Museum (1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút 14-16.)

b) Secret gardens and squares downtown

Meeting point: [2]

Károly Kamermayer statue (1052 Budapest, Kamermayer tér)

16.00-18.00 Public green mapping  workshop for Budapest NGOs and press conference

Venue: [D]

Négyszáz Restaurant (1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52.)

19.00 Mainstram sight seeing: Danube boat trip

Meeting point: [3]

Vígadó tér, Landing Stage, Pier 5 or 5/A (“Yellow building”)

Evening Dinner, party, pub crawl…
Day 2 – 28 May (Friday) The thematic city




data collection ECOTOURISM

This panel aims to give a hint on the unique ecoutourism resources of Budapest. Morning part and full day combination only for people in good phisical condition!

Meeting point with Orsi: at 8.15am at the bus stop of bus no. 65 on Kolosy tér [4]

1. Caving in the Mátyás- and Pál-hegy cave system

Venue: [E]

Duration: 8.30-11.00

2. forest walk in Buda Hills (for those choosing A2 for the afternoon, and only if not tired enough)

Location: from the cave to Hüvösvölgy tram station

Duration: 12.00-14.30

Distance: cca. 6km





FOOD (food sovereignty, direct buying)

Food section will introduce participants to the rich food traditions as well as some of the latest struggles of the Hungarian capital from a green perspective.

Meeting point: Hunyadi sq. at 9am [I]

1. Visiting Hunyadi sq market and meeting market activists

2. Szatyor food community (visiting distribution centre) [J]

3. The main market hall of Budapest [K]






Meeting point: 8.15am at the hostel’s reception

Duration: 8.15am-1pm

1. Pannon House

Pannon House is one of Hungary’s most modern and “greenest” interactive corporate headquarters built in the spirit of environmental consciousness.

Venue: [L]

2. Millenáris

A great example of successful postindustrial brownfield development awarded with Europa Nostra prize in 2003.

Venue: [M]

3. Deer Garden on Margaret Island

Wood-piles imitating pavilons in harmony with the nature.

Venue: [N]




Orsi, Gergő


Meeting point: 14.30 in Hűvösvölgy tram station (no. 61) [5]

1. Children’s Railway& Rolling Study Path

Rolling Study Path is a special environmental education service with an equipped lab coach of the already unique children-run mountain railway of Budapest.

2. Cogwheel railway

Built in 1874 as the world’s third mountain railway “Fogaskerekű” is a great transport link between the town and its hills. We will take it from Széchenyi Hill [F] down to Városmajor [G].

3. Városmajor

A nice park and a great study path about the urban birds.

Venue: [G]






Meeting point: Budapest Bike [6] at 2pm

Duration: 14.00-17.00

1. biking int he city

2. bike activism – meeting activists (e.g., critical mass) at Velodrom, BikeKitchen etc.



Guide: Zsófi


Meeting point:BudapestBike, 2pm [6]

1. VAM Design Center and Design Day

Venue: [O]

2. The World in the Mirror exhibition

Venue: Museum of Applied Arts [P]

3. Cellux Group workshop (see details at the waste section)





Venue: Humusz House (hq of the Waste Prevention Alliance) [Q]

1. Study  path, environmental education

Humusz has a brilliant set of educational tools on waste and waste prevention. Check them out and have fun!

2. Waste prevention in Budapest (presentation)

3. Cellux Group workshop

“Landfill waste is resource stored in the wrong place” – create some trendy stuff from the rubbish bin.




18.00- Sas-hegy study path and „sunset” watching

Sas Hill nature reserve is a living museum of the Hungarian capital in terms of natural values restricted to a very small area, and a marvellous panorama.

Venue: [R]

evening dinner, party, pub crawl…
Day 3 – 29 May (Saturday) Towards the green[er] city (initiatives)
morning: data collection Guided tours through different parts of the city with the involvement of local CSOs/groups active on the grassroot level.

(A) Wekerle Estate

From the Garden city to the transition town: Wekerle is a town in the town with a special atmosphere of the past and some great ideas for the future.

Venue: [S]

Guidance is provided by Wekerle Community Association.

Meeting point: “Kossuth tér” stop of tram no. 50, 9am [7]

(B) Magdolna Quarter

Magdolna Quarter is among the worst reputated areas of Budapest. However, some really remarkable initiatives started here – worth to visit!

Venue: [T]

Guidance is provided by Hungarian Young Greens (ZöFi).

Meeting point: ZöFi office, 1086 Karácsony Sándor utca 22/B. , 9am [8]

afternoon 14.00-18.00 GREEN MAPPING WORKSHOP II.

*data processing and uploading to Budapest Green Map

*using B4 blog, flickr etc.

Venue: HIK computer centre [C]

evening 19.00- Dinner and farewell partyVenue: A38 ship [U]

…come back for updates!

(and see you in Budapest!)

Check out the actual 4B Budapest visit map!

Bristol on the Open Green Map

Posted: May 10, 2010 by 4bshive in Green Maps
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Knowle West on the Open Green Map

Knowle West on the Open Green Map

To start people off I have added a first entry for Bristol on the Open Green Map here.


Taster for Berlin

Posted: May 6, 2010 by 4bshive in Workshops

This is to give people an idea of what to expect when we go to Berlin in August.