My experience in Budapest

Posted: July 3, 2010 by Alexandra Puica in Adult learners, Budapest (May 27-29, 2010), Mobilities
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My very special three days at Budapest started in the Bistrita train station with a lot of enthusiasm after many months of counting the days. After a nine hour trip we arrived to Budapest. I was impressed by this amazing city from the minute I stepped onto the train station. Actually, as the days were passing, I became more and more fascinated with this city . It was clean, with an amazing architecture, with a lot of things to see. A real European capital. I even said once that I would be ready to move there anytime.

After such a long trip we were expected by Gergo at a lovely welcome dinner. That was really nice because we got the chance to know each other better because of the breaking the ice game where we got mixed and I had the opportunity to meet new people and exchange impressions with the other groups.

On the first day I learned more about the Green Map activity all over the world from Wendy and Gergo . We also had a little training for collecting data. It was a very interesting workshop, where I found out a lot of new information. After the workshop we went to my first tour through Budapest, The Secret Garden. I saw many types of gardens, more or less hidden, but every one of them had a very interesting story and it was remarkable for its beauty and uniqueness. I really enjoyed it very much. The next stop after lunch was a meeting of the Green Map makers, where there was a really nice moment, the celebration of 15 years of Green Map with a huge cake in the shape of Budapest. On this location I want to say congratulations to Wendy again and many many years more. The first day ended in the most pleasant way, with a trip on the Danube. That was one of the most special moments, because it was the first time I was traveling by boat and the view of Budapest was absolutely amazing.

After only a few hours of sleep, the second day came with other beautiful things to discover. In the morning I visited the Panon House, a very interesting futuristic building which was using solar energy and was actually able to produce energy by itself for a couple of weeks. Another interesting thing was that, the employees were able to move from one desk to another in order to take advantage as much as possible of the solar energy. We were shown the whole building and the whole system, which was very interesting. After that we went to the Milenaris Museum,  where I saw all sorts of beautiful fish. The third location of the tour was the Isle Margaret, a fairy tale place, very green, where you could see a deer and pony from really close. The tour was very nice and relaxing.

The next activity in the afternoon was the workshop about waste, where I found out a lot of information about this subject, about how to prevent waste in order to prevent harming of the environment. But my favorite part of the workshop was the crafts, where I was able to make my own pair of earrings, a bag from a milk can, and I even received a bracelet made of the bottom of a plastic bottle as a gift.

In the evening we had another amazing experience, we watch the sunset on the Sas hills from where you could practically see all of Budapest. The view was beautiful and I think it will remain a very special moment for me. I felt like I was “on top of Budapest”.

On the third day and the last one, unfortunately, we participated at the collecting data workshop, held by Gergo, Wendy and Ciprian where I learned basic information about Green Mapping and how to be able to actually contribute to it. It was a very useful workshop. In the evening we had a nice farewell party on a ship were we could enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest in a special way.

To conclude, as a personal experience, I had the opportunity to do a lot of things that I usually don’t have the chance to do. They may seem common experiences to most

people but for me everything was special and I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I must admit that the trip wouldn’t have been the same without the new groups that I met, with the nicest people. And on this occasion I would like to thank my group, the Romanians, for all the help and for making my days in Budapest so nice and colorful. I had a really really great time and I cannot end without the most used phrase since I came back: “I want to go back!!!!!”.

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