Mil’s Urban Gardening in Bristol

Posted: March 28, 2011 by 4bshive in Adult learners, Food, Urban Gardening

Bristol's Local Food newsletter

Mil Lusk did the tour around the media centre garden during the Bristol Visit in October 2009. Mil has her own company called Green Footprints promoting urban gardening. They grow seedlings for you to collect and plant in your own garden a few weeks later. She has kindly sent me this pdf (link below). It’s the latest newsletter of the Local Food Network in Bristol. It’s packed with information on how to grow vegetables, social garden spaces, the edible landscapes movement and much more! Please distribute it locally for people to read and comment here on this blog:


Both Mil and I are very interested to hear from people on this. For instance I know local food and markets are very important to the economy in Hungary. Here is the Bristol Local Food network. Thanks, Steve

  1. Pit says:

    Hi Mil

    Here are two links that might interest you – The first is a little movie about a huge fonded urban garden in Berlin where some of your guys have been. The other is the address about Seed Bombs that you can use directly to make some dilapidated areas nicer.

    I told also another urban garden activist to visit your blog what he did. He said that it was very interesting and helpful. I think it is a great blog to have – Pit

  2. pitvandeloo says:

    Hope you continue expanding this topic – Pit

  3. pitvandeloo says:

    Hi Mil I have to write a second time I told the Berlin urban gardener Tom Hansing (He was the guy running that T Shirt print where some of you guys have been making T – shirts) about your blog he had a close look on it and said that it was inspiring. He has been holding a meeting about green gardeners and activists in Berlin yesterday evening. I could not go but I found two links that might be useful to follow up.

    This is a film about a EU fonded garden that was part of the Berlin On Bike Tour

    These are seed bombs that you can use to refresh some urban dilapidated areas.

    Guess that’s it so far

    Cheers Pit

  4. john says:

    Hey People!

    Nice post! i love it! I think we have to start thinking on that, couse the world will need it, we will need it! I foun some info, you migh want to see… Plant Your Food at Home -Tips for home cultivation –



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