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Here you can see some of our fellow members at a stand advertising our green map Berlin. It was a lot of fun. You can see some Photos that Clemens took and stored within our Greenmap Flickr Account. He was as adult Learner in Bristol. Just click on the link to watch these.

I took also some pictures. In the front you see also Inge. She helped organizing the Berlin program and separately Friedrich who was as learner in Bistrita and Clemens at the stand who was in Bristol.

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Bristol's Local Food newsletter

Mil Lusk did the tour around the media centre garden during the Bristol Visit in October 2009. Mil has her own company called Green Footprints promoting urban gardening. They grow seedlings for you to collect and plant in your own garden a few weeks later. She has kindly sent me this pdf (link below). It’s the latest newsletter of the Local Food Network in Bristol. It’s packed with information on how to grow vegetables, social garden spaces, the edible landscapes movement and much more! Please distribute it locally for people to read and comment here on this blog:


Both Mil and I are very interested to hear from people on this. For instance I know local food and markets are very important to the economy in Hungary. Here is the Bristol Local Food network. Thanks, Steve

Knowle West Workshop Celebration

Knowle West Workshop Celebration

A celebration workshop of all four Study Visits was held at Knowle West Media Centre – see it here.

Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Details of who went and slideshow here.

While completing her evaluation of the visit Mil Lusk from Bristol was interviewed by Bjella Prossowsky from Berlin:

‘Berlin bee, Fly with me’ was recorded in the ambient Sound workshop held in Kreuzberg Berlin. Adult learners collected sound samples from streets around the Görlitzer Park.  Participants have been Mirella and Alexandra (Bistrita),  Ivor (Bristol) and Bjela from (Berlin). The track was facilitated and produced by Alex of Frequency Surreal.

Second attempt – best viewed full screen. (Soundtrack: ‘I want Freedom’ by Chris Joss.)


4BsHive started their Berlin visit on Wednesday, 4 August.

Becca, Shaun, Sally, Steve on the steps of the Museum

On an excellent guided walk around the palace area (Steve P)

Press conference to celebrate 15 years of the Green Mapping System (Steve P)

Yes - the Danube is Blue! Houses of Parliament - in a similar style (Pugin) to the English ones (Steve P)

Farmer's market (Steve P)

A Hungarian-speaking Glaswegian exile and Gabby Schneider are our guides to the Garden City built 1909-26 (Steve P)

The archtitect Károly Kós's unique style usually included a diagonal square in the centre (Steve P)

Traditional style house. Economic hardship meant repairs were short-term and poor quality. All repairs now have to be approved with reference to an official 'Style-guide'. Grants are used to keep up standards. (Steve P)

Charming shutters lend a hand-built look (SteveP)

The 'Garden City' becomes a 'Transition Town' (Steve P)

For further info on the Garden City see:

Organic wine distributor (Steve P)

This cider is brewed very close to Bristol by the seaside (Steve P)

To see these photos on Google maps:

More Bristol workshops held

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April 2010: Audio recording workshop in Bristol

Illustrating our memories

Memories of Merrywood Girls’ School, the old swimming pool and saving Filwood fields were some of the stories told about Knowle West at the April Green Mapping Session… Members of the group drew a map of the area and pictures to illustrate their stories before recording them to put on the local map of the area. Others who had recorded their stories at a previous session learned how to edit them with Apple’s Garageband and to upload them onto our own green map.

March 2010: Learning about storytelling

Learning how to tell a story

Learning how to tell a story

A story teller inspired the Green Mapping Group to swap tales about Knowle West from long ago at their March session. David Mowat from Bristol Ecoshows helped the group to map some of their stories about the local area onto paper as well as recording them on dictaphones. Participant Becky Thompson said: “I loved the session. The best part was joining in with the storytelling, drawing the map and allowing free flow imagination. I learned new skills telling stories to the group…” There was also a visit from resident artist Justin Quinnell who gave out pinhole cameras made from old beer cans and explained how to set them up. The cameras record the passage of the sun over several months and are being distributed throughout Knowle West. The photos are here.

The team also spoke to Steve Parry from GreenBristol about the forthcoming study trip to Budapest in May to link with our three Partners creating their own green maps.