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The 4BsHive guide to Green Mapping

Posted: July 29, 2011 by horger in Green Maps

And finally, here comes our downloadable and printable green mapping Guide – enjoy!

National versions: DE

New Green Map from Budapest

Posted: December 23, 2010 by horger in Green Maps

The Green Map community of Budapest proudly presents its new Green Map: the Green Map of the 3rd district of Budapest. Initiated and coordinated by Timea Papp, a fellow bee learner from Budapest motivated and influenced by the project, the map has been published and distributed with the local newspaper entitled “Óbuda” in 68,000 copies!

Timi, congratulations!

Find more details on the hub >>>

Knowle West Workshop Celebration

Knowle West Workshop Celebration

A celebration workshop of all four Study Visits was held at Knowle West Media Centre – see it here.

Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Details of who went and slideshow here.

These photos were geotagged to add to the green map of Bistrita.

While completing her evaluation of the visit Mil Lusk from Bristol was interviewed by Bjella Prossowsky from Berlin: