Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Knowle Westers who went to Bistrita

Details of who went and slideshow here.



These photos were geotagged to add to the green map of Bistrita.

Green mapping in Bistrita – program

Posted: October 6, 2010 by Ciprian Samoila in Bistrita (October 6 - 10, 2010)

Dear adult learners,

Here you have the final program of our partnership meeting, which takes place in Bistrita in the period 6-10 October 2010.

We, at Asociatia Ascendent, hope that you will find our educational workshops and local activities useful for your daily life and green mapping activities in your own city/neighbourhood.


Ciprian Samoila

4bshive coordinator in Bistrita


Tempelhof Airfield tour


While completing her evaluation of the visit Mil Lusk from Bristol was interviewed by Bjella Prossowsky from Berlin:

‘Berlin bee, Fly with me’ was recorded in the ambient Sound workshop held in Kreuzberg Berlin. Adult learners collected sound samples from streets around the Görlitzer Park.  Participants have been Mirella and Alexandra (Bistrita),  Ivor (Bristol) and Bjela from (Berlin). The track was facilitated and produced by Alex of Frequency Surreal.

Second attempt – best viewed full screen. (Soundtrack: ‘I want Freedom’ by Chris Joss.)


4BsHive started their Berlin visit on Wednesday, 4 August.